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Introducing a very special new beauty website, why is it special I hear you ask?

The Beauty Insider is special because the woman driving this inspired new site is special.

Sure, she has insight, insider knowledge, she is incredibly intelligent but most importantly she has soul, therefore the site has soul.

I feel very honoured to have my recent story about my friend Scott’s remarkable journey shared on Kelly’s site, not just because it is such a powerful and important story to tell, but because its a reminder that I am very lucky.

It confirms that I am in good company and should continue to I listen to my heart and keep working very hard, because I might just be on the right track pouring my time and passion into my new series Behind the FACE.

Thank you Kelly and I look forward to seeing your vision of empowering women and sharing the diversity of real beauty unfold with each passing day

Plus I need as many beauty tips as I can possibly get .. with each passing day!  đŸ™‚



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